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You can email me at I am willing to answer any questions you have via email. Just please, remember to include a snippet of your source code if your question is a programming question!

For CS tutoring requests: I get a lot of email, so when you email me please be sure to include the keyword [CS] in the subject line so your email isn't lost in the fray. Spammers or people who send abusive or objectionable email will be immediately blocked. Sorry, no exceptions.

For De Anza classes where I am your in-class tutor, put the class number in the subject line instead. For example, students in "18A - Intro to UNIX" would put [DA18A] in the subject.

As I am no longer offering tutoring at De Anza, I am NOT accepting regular one-on-one requests this quarter at De Anza. Even if I was, I am not the appropriate point of contact for such a request. To request a regular one-on-one session with any CIS tutor please speak with Marie Taylor Harper in Advanced Technology Center, Room 203.

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