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This section will contain links to information and examples that might or might not be helpful to you guys. I will continue to develop this section as the quarter goes along, including nifty code tricks, programming tips, etc.

Perl Examples

Ever wanted to see some examples of what Perl can do? Look no further. The applications below range from hobbyist applications, simple demonstrations, to full-fledged production applications.

IDProgramSource CodeAuthorDescription
A-01 Basic Hashing Kai Wetlesen This is a short demonstration of the three basic uses for Perl hashing.
C-01 CGI Time Marshall Thomas Simply prints the system time using Perl CGI. Shows some examples of basic CGI command calls.
C-02 Event Sign In Kai Wetlesen Dynamically generates a form using data pulled from a MySQL database and then records data into same data source. Demonstrates use of Perl CGI and DBI to MySQL.

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