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Professional Me:

I'm currently a student at San Jose State University and am studying for my B.S. in Computer Engineering. I am an IT administrator, applications developer and a CS tutor. Previously I worked for Synopsys as a Unix server administrator where I wore a lot of different hats. My main specialty is the development and maintaining of custom middleware, but I also work extensively with backend applications and system automation.

I'm experienced with several programming languages, though I may be rusty with some. I am familar with and have written or maintained production code in C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, and PL/SQL. You may ask "What's your language of choice?" and I will snidely to say "Tell me what I'm doing first!" I will, however, admit that I am partial to Perl.

If you're unfamiliar with Perl I'll just say it is the Swiss Army chainsaw of interpreted languages. In my experience it has been one of the fastest, most flexible, and most efficient scripting languages. It enables rapid development, and as a mature language is well suited for a production environment. Read more about Perl by visiting their website.

Personal Me:

It's rare that you'll find me very far from a computer. I really do love the field I'm in, so I find it fantastic that I can get paid to play around! When I'm writing code for myself, I'm often found working on various products which I hope to soon have published. Those include Account and Ledger Management System (ALMS) and Aggregat Overvågningsystem (AOS).

I've also had fun writing some amusing/stupid prankware including the "Shell Troll", "Ikke i dag, BYE!", among other nasty little bits. If I'm not writing code, there's a high chance I'm checking out some of my favourite sites or playing "Sim City 4: Rush Hour". Something about playing God as a cityscaper just tickles my fancy!

Outside of the digital world you'll find me doing all kinds of things. I love outdoor and sporty activities. I'm an avid cycler (My bike was stolen!! Anyone willing to sell?), snowboarder, ice skater, hockey player, hiker, and rock climber. Want to go for a hike or a run on the mountain? Drop me a line!

Om mig baggrund, jeg er en Amerikansk født (første i Amerika, woo!), og danske i aftstamning. Mit danske er skidt (fordi jeg ikke har talt det i et årti), eller jeg lærer det igen med det hjælp af min familien. For dem der forstår dette, ønsker du at hjælp mig med at lære? Ping mig!

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